Book binding

We bind and cover newspapers, periodicals, dissertations and just about any other stack of papers that would be better suited as a book. Each cover is foil stamped according to your request. Price is determined by size, style and time commitment. 



We love our old books as much as you do which is why we're pleased to offer re-covering and rebinding of your well-loved titles. All projects are quoted (and deemed possible) on a case by case basis. 


Short run book production

You write it, we'll print, press and bind your creation, whether it's the next bestseller, or a full volume of your steampunk cat zine. Each project is quoted on a case by case basis.


Bookbinding workshops

We want you to make your own books too! We can accommodate bookbinding workshops for just about any age, skill-level, group size and environment. Whether you're looking for a a bookmaking birthday party or an office team-builder, we've got you covered.


Notebook refills

Don't let your favourite notebook covers go to waste. Let us know the style, size, and amount of pages you're looking for and we'll create your custom refill. All projects are quoted (and deemed possible) on a case by case basis.


Extra special order

If you're finding that your needs are outside of our custom order notebooks, we'd still love to help you build your dream book! Get in touch for unique book sizes, events, community projects or just about anything else.