The Recipe Book

Books provide a rare, tangible link to the past. When we first launched the online shop, I referenced this in a CBC interview, making note of my late grandmother's recipe books. I've always felt like the pages connected me with her.  

Her married last name, "Baetz" was actually the namesake for half of MacLellan & Baetz Publishing House, the first iteration of MacLellan Books. I recently dropped the latter half of the brand to simplify things a little, and to focus on what I make - books.

Don't worry, I'm not forgetting grandma. Her scribbled recipes show that sometimes re-thinking or tweaking the formula over time is necessary. That said, our Recipe Book is certainly a testament to her appreciation for recording family recipes, and sharing them for generations to come.


The Recipe Book is designed for you to fill with your grandma's messily written recipes - or your own. It's backed in a heavy hardcover that lays flat for easy reading in the kitchen, and you can customize the first page so that it's unique to your family. 

Food seems to brings people together, whether around the table or, in my case, across generations. I hope our books provide space for you to find a link to your traditions, your grandma, and maybe some gum drop cookies, too.

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