Timeless, high quality books

MacLellan Books was founded in 2014 with one goal in mind: to make timeless, high quality books.

Our products and services evolve with what you want to see on your shelf; we make custom notebooks, bind existing volumes, restore treasured books and teach about our trade.

We keep a few things in mind through all that we do:

Quality manufacturing: We value small-scale manufacturing and a close attention to detail, allowing us to make books that last.

Community-mindedness: From our local community in Waterloo Region to the international community of craftsman, we value civic engagement and sharing with your neighbour.

Creativity: We’re always exploring new frontiers with products, designs and techniques; we want you to do the same with the books we make.

Learning: Books are purveyors of knowledge. We used them to learn our craft, and we hope our books support you in sharing your your knowledge with generations to come.